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Security Infrastructure as a Service

Building blocks for cybersecurity

LimaCharlie gives security teams full control over how they manage their security infrastructure. Get full visibility into your coverage, build what you want, control your data, get the security capabilities you need, for however long you need them, and pay only for what you use.

LimaCharlie gives security teams full control over how they manage their security infrastructure.

Trusted by technological leaders in information security.

An engineering approach to cybersecurity

LimaCharlie provides cybersecurity technologies as interoperable cloud primitives using a common data format. This approach makes it easy to deploy and benefit from a wide variety of security apparatus.

A multitenant design and an Infrastructure-as-Code approach enables LimaCharlie users to spin up security infrastructure tailored for specific use cases with a click of a button.

An engineering approach to cybersecurity

Endpoint detection & response

Respond to threats at wire speed and create powerful automations. Leverage solutions custom designed for your environment and control your security posture without having to rely on external vendors.

Software-defined networking

Secure and monitor network access to your endpoints by providing advanced instrumented Zero Trust VPN access. LimaCharlie’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) makes secure remote networking easy and affordable.

Windows Event Log monitoring

Gain the ability to capture and analyze Windows Event Logs (WEL) in real-time. Ingested WEL are indexed along common indicators of compromise and run through the Detection & Response engine.

File & registry integrity monitoring

LimaCharlie's File & Registry Integrity Monitoring capability allows you to monitor specific file path patterns and registry patterns for changes.

Monitoring cloud deployments

Secure your cloud using LimaCharlie’s advanced Sensor technology. Run in a VM, Docker, or as a privileged container in Kubernetes. Optimize your costs with fine-grained event collection control, autoscaling and automated sensor culling.

YARA scanning at scale

Various YARA scanning methods are available. Run a scan on any given endpoint or continuously across the entire fleet in a way that does not impact performance. Pull YARA signatures from Github repositories and other sources, both private and public.

Cutting edge detections

Leverage the work of best-in-class professionals with an unparalleled cost efficiency. Subscribe to threat feeds and curated detection rules. Easily write your own custom rules and apply them instantly to your entire fleet.

Log and artifact monitoring

Ingest logs, or any file type, from any source and run them through the detection, automation and response engine. One year of full telemetry storage included - not just detections or select entries, but all endpoint, network, and external logs telemetry.

Automate your security operations

Complete control and ownership of your data

Users can choose their preferred way to engage with the LimaCharlie Cloud, instead of being forced to use a framework. LimaCharlie is 100% a vendor-neutral security infrastructure provider. We don't play favorites and integrate with the tools that security teams rely on. Besides offering a fully open API, LimaCharlie has a full-featured web application and is packed with pre-configured integrations so you can hit the ground running in no time.

One Year of Full telemetry Storage

All of your data collection and processing with a single vendor

LimaCharlie Sensors enable organizations to collect relevant security telemetry, logs and artifacts in real-time from any source and process that data at wire speed using a universal detection, response and automation engine. Use signature based detections, your favourite threat feed or subscribe to curated detection rules.

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Detect and respond on everything.

The team at LimaCharlie is dedicated to helping our customers succeed

At LimaCharlie, we are responsive to our customers’ needs and are agile in what we can deliver. You can get started on your own without ever talking to a salesperson or book a demo and get the white-glove treatment.

Education and training

Powerful integrations.