LimaCharlie: Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)



LimaCharlie is a real-time cross-platform endpoint detection and response solution delivered as a cloud-based utility.

Stable REST APIs and open data formats enable LimaCharlie to be easily integrated into existing security stacks.

A reliable, scalable and low-cost solution that provides endpoint telemetry, detection and response capability. With no contracts to sign you can get data flowing in minutes, and LimaCharlie provides a free tier - no credit card required - to help you get started.

The LimaCharlie software suite provides scalability, stability and extensibility. This cross platform sensor is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It enables Flight Data Recorded types of data as well as many more advanced capabilities like YARA file and memory scanning and network isolation.

LimaCharlie runs in the Refraction Point cloud (available in multiple countries). It behaves as a bridge for your sensors as well as providing an easy environment to automate detection & response. Simple pricing, support and trials are available. An on-premises version can be offered for large scales.

LimaCharlie EDR Sensor Compatible Operating Systems

Simple pricing, support and trials are available. See the full documentation including features and recipes here.

LimaCharlie uses state of the art light-weight sensors. Expose advanced attacks in real-time and quickly mitigate their impacts. Sensors have zero impact on endpoint performance: deploy in seconds; no reboot; no impact even when analyzing, searching and investigating incidents.

LimaCharlie was created by Refraction Point: a group of security experts and computer scientists on a mission to improve the ever-changing security landscape.

Researchers and security firms have deep knowledge and skill sets but often lack access to technologies that can make these assets actionable. Our vision is to provide a fair environment where detection and mitigation strategies can be compared and tried; where security actors can learn, devise and collaborate, which will result in a better security posture for all.

LimaCharlie is philosophically inspired by the intersection of the open source community and the intelligence community. Our products are designed for transparency and integration. We do not close down APIs or deal in proprietary lock-ins. Get setup with endpoint detection and response (EDR) sensors today with no obligation or contract.