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Cybersecurity Middleware

Security done differently

LimaCharlie is cybersecurity middleware that gives you full control and visibility over your security posture.

  • Build on our advanced Detection, Automation, and Response Engine
  • Normalize security data to a common format through a single hub
  • Optimize data storage with free 12 months retained telemetry
  • Avoid vendor lock-in by bringing in any source and outputting to any destination

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Why LimaCharlie

LimaCharlie was built because siloed security products today don’t give you the control, transparency, scale, and innovation needed to protect against today’s advanced threats.

Security teams need to reduce uncertainty, complexity, and fragmented security data from a multitude of patchwork security solutions that weren’t built to natively integrate.

At LimaCharlie, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your cybersecurity problems. We provide an architectural approach that gives you the control, visibility, and flexibility to customize detections and responses to the ever-growing security risks in a single, vendor-agnostic middleware solution.

Easily assemble a security stack tailored to your organization with the flexibility of on-demand capabilities and only pay for what you use. This is security done differently. Why would you do it any other way?

Build custom security solutions that meet your unique needs

React to modern threats in minutes - don’t wait days or weeks for your security vendor to deploy a patch for the latest security threat. Take control of your organization and assets by creating your own customized ruleset with LimaCharlie’s advanced detection, automation, and response engine.

With custom detections, you can proactively monitor for and respond to various events and system states, including suspected breach activity and misconfigured endpoints that automatically trigger alerts and response actions.

How security teams use LimaCharlie

Advanced detection & response

Respond to threats at wire speed and create powerful automations. Leverage solutions custom designed for your environment and control your security posture without having to rely on external vendors. Subscribe to threat feeds and curated detection rules. Easily write your own custom rules and apply them instantly to your entire organization.

Multi-source telemetry ingestion

Ingest logs, or any file type, from any source, and run them through our advanced Detection, Automation and Response Engine. One year of full telemetry storage included - not just detections or select entries, but all endpoint, network, and external log telemetry. Collect data from any source and contextualize it to improve threat detection and triage.

Integrate with everything

A multi-tenant design and an infrastructure as code (IaC) approach enables LimaCharlie users to spin up security software and supporting infrastructure tailored for specific use cases by applying templates. Retain full control and visibility of where your data comes from, how it is stored and processed, and where it goes. Conveniently manage all your data sharing rules in one place.

YARA scanning at scale

LimaCharlie users can make use of YARA file and memory scanning to identify malware. YARA provides a rule-based approach to create descriptions of malware families based on textual or binary patterns. Run a scan on any given endpoint or continuously across the entire fleet in a way that does not impact performance. Pull YARA signatures from GitHub repositories and other sources, both private and public.

Windows Event Log monitoring

Gain the ability to capture and analyze Windows Event Logs (WEL) in real-time. Ingested WELs are indexed along common indicators of compromise and run through our advanced Detection, Automation, and Response Engine.

Monitoring cloud deployments

Secure your cloud using LimaCharlie’s advanced Sensor technology. Run it in a VM, Docker, or as a privileged container in Kubernetes. Optimize your costs with fine-grained event collection control, autoscaling and automated sensor culling.

Historical threat hunting

Run detection and response rules against historical telemetry to detect when a new zero-day becomes known. You can run a test for known indicators of compromise over the last year of endpoint telemetry.

File & registry integrity monitoring

LimaCharlie's File & Registry Integrity Monitoring (FIM) capability will scan, analyze, and report on unexpected changes to important assets within any supported environment. File integrity monitoring provides a critical layer of file, data, and application security.

Vendor-agnostic integrated platform

Unify external log, telemetry, and tools to gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security into a single UI at scale. LimaCharlie makes it easy to integrate your existing security stack with our open API and a host of security capabilities, most of which are free.

Ingest and respond to all security data

Reduce total cost of ownership by sending the data essential for detecting indicators of compromise (IoC) from high-cost data analytics tools, like Splunk, S3, or Kafka, to more cost effective destinations.

Powerful integrations.
One Sensor

Why does LimaCharlie exist?

Security is a complex space with many attack vectors, and few people who truly understand the fundamentals. This complexity has led companies to specialize and build monolithic products which address a single, narrow use case in depth.

An engineering approach

It’s common to hear people talk about taking “an engineering approach” to cybersecurity. But what does this actually mean? How does it differ from the legacy model of cybersecurity? And what are the benefits to the enterprise?

LimaCharlie provides cybersecurity tools and infrastructure on-demand in a way that scales. We call this approach Security Infrastructure as a Service.

It is a DevOps or engineering-centric approach to cybersecurity. A way of getting things done that would feel familiar to anybody that has worked with Amazon Web Services or any other major cloud provider.

There are no contracts and no minimums. Easily get what you want and only pay for what you use.

With just a few clicks you can spin up any number of pre-configured solutions by leveraging our infrastructure-as-code approach. Stuff like an EDR with comprehensive rule coverage OR a micro-segmentable SD-WAN rolled into a cloud service that can do full PCAP capture and monitor it with Zeek. We provide templates for a large number of common security solutions and are always ready to help you with your deployment if needed.

And like major cloud providers, you can also choose to build your own products on top of LimaCharlie.

We provide finely tunable pricing based on product usage in a transparent manner allowing you to leverage aspects of our technology to create your own products with healthy margins. We even have a marketplace where we can help you sell it.

LimaCharlie is 100% vendor-neutral - we do not play favorites. We are purely a technology company.

Reducing Splunk spend

Endpoints as well as applications such as AWS, Google Cloud, Office 365, 1Password, Slack, and thousands of others produce vast amounts of data. Reduce your security tooling spend by routing data at the event level.

You’re not on your own

LimaCharlie is a new approach to cybersecurity that enables you to have full visibility and control over your infrastructure and we’re here to help you get there. We offer:

For users with unique use cases, we make customized training and support available at no extra cost.

There’s a better way to secure.

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