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5 SecOps Cloud Platform Benefits for Cybersecurity Builders

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Christopher Luft

5 SecOps Cloud Platform Benefits for Cybersecurity Builders

The SecOps Cloud Platform (SCP) is LimaCharlie’s vision for the future of cybersecurity. The SCP delivers core cybersecurity capabilities and infrastructure API-first, on-demand, and pay-per-use. It’s a paradigm shift similar to what the IT public cloud did for IT—but for cybersecurity.

The SCP model benefits nearly everyone working in security today, from large organizations and enterprise security teams to managed service providers and SMBs. For builders of cybersecurity products and services, the SCP offers advantages that can’t be matched by any other tool or platform in our industry.

How the SCP helps builders succeed

Launching a new cybersecurity product is inherently difficult and is a big part of why many security startups fail. The SCP offers some unprecedented opportunities to cybersecurity builders.

Security businesses that take advantage of these opportunities will go to market faster, increase their chances of success, and be well-positioned to scale in the years ahead. Here’s an overview of the 5 most essential benefits of the SCP for builders in our industry:

1. Speed time to market

The SecOps Cloud Platform offers many of the core cybersecurity capabilities needed to secure any organization, delivered as cloud-native primitives via open APIs. These capabilities include endpoint detection and response, log ingestion from any source, data routing and correlation, and automated responses on endpoints based on telemetry data.

For builders, the SCP therefore represents something truly revolutionary: the ability to “do cybersecurity” in the abstract. Innovators no longer need to choose between basing an offering on other vendors’ products, relying on open-source stacks that won’t scale, or reinventing the wheel by trying to develop everything in-house.

With the SCP, cybersecurity builders can begin creating a new product immediately by leveraging the SCP’s robust and mature catalog of capabilities, reducing their development time by months or even years.

2. Focus on your core value

The SCP’s rich capabilities make it a powerful go-to-market accelerator. But for the same reason, it’s also an excellent way to free up developer resources for other projects that deliver greater value to your customers.

With the SCP, you won’t need to spend hours every week maintaining your product’s underlying infrastructure, troubleshooting issues, or engineering integrations.

Instead, you can focus on doing what you do best and on taking care of your users. Your team can spend its time on things like threat intelligence and malware research, optimizing internal workflows, supporting your user base, and building the features and applications your customers want.

3. Extend your runway

The SecOps Cloud Platform is akin to the IT public cloud—like “AWS for cybersecurity.” Everything in the SCP is available on-demand, and you only pay for what you use: no contracts, mandatory minimums, capacity planning, or price modeling.

For budget-conscious product builders, this model offers a massive advantage over other solutions in the security industry’s pay-to-play marketplace. With the SCP, you can build on a platform that will grow with you. You can start small, even if you have just a handful of users initially, and scale up as your revenue grows.

And because the SCP offers a full-featured free tier, builders can even prototype new products for the cost of labor before they ever get a paying user. The SCP represents a radical departure from the unpalatable legacy model of startups losing money indefinitely until they (hopefully) reach profitability.

4. Build to scale

The SecOps Cloud Platform is designed to enable modern security operations. For builders, the chief advantages here are the SCP’s open APIs and engineering-centric features.

The SCP is a fabric of integrated, enterprise-grade security solutions that can be adapted and customized at will via open APIs. While many cybersecurity startups build excellent products using open-source technologies, they typically run into problems when they scale, getting bogged down in maintaining a complex DIY infrastructure. With the SCP, you’re building on a powerful, integrated, and cost-effective platform from the very beginning—one that can be scaled up almost infinitely as you grow.

In addition, the SCP is explicitly intended for security operations at scale. It is based on a multi-tenant architecture and has powerful automation capabilities baked in. Whatever you build on this platform, and whatever workflows you implement to support your product and customers, will serve you whether you have one user or deployments spanning multiple organizations.

"If I was to build a new cybersecurity company, I’d build it on top of LimaCharlie." --Philip Martin, CSO, Coinbase

5. Add new capabilities on demand

A significant challenge arises for builders after they’ve had some initial success: the need to add new features or offerings and integrate these with their product’s existing infrastructure.

The SecOps Cloud Platform provides an ecosystem of 100+ capabilities and integrations and an EDR that has the broadest platform support in our industry with feature parity across operating systems. For builders, the SCP represents the ability to seamlessly add new features or go multi-platform—without worrying about breaking their existing stack.

From an engineering standpoint, the SCP helps security startups grow without requiring the addition of new tools and agents. From a business operations standpoint, the platform offers a way to roll out new features more quickly and expand into new markets more cost-effectively.

Learn more about the SCP for builders

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To try the LimaCharlie SCP for yourself, book a demo or try it for free.