Use Case
WEL Monitoring
LimaCharlie's SecOps Cloud Platform transforms Windows Event Log monitoring by providing real-time visibility, streamlined infrastructure, and powerful detection and response capabilities. Effectively monitor and protect your Windows environments, ensuring rapid detection and response to potential security incidents.

Problem statement

  • Limited real-time visibility: Traditional WEL monitoring solutions often rely on periodic log collection, resulting in delayed visibility into potential security incidents, limiting real-time visibility.

  • Complex and costly infrastructure: Forwarding WEL data to a centralized monitoring system typically requires additional infrastructure, such as log collectors and forwarders, which can be complex to set up and maintain, as well as costly to scale.

  • Difficulty in creating custom detection rules: Writing custom rules to detect malicious behavior in WEL data can be challenging, especially when dealing with large volumes of logs and a lack of standardized formats.

How LimaCharlie helps

  • Real-time WEL ingestion: LimaCharlie's sensor enables direct, real-time importation of WEL data, eliminating the need for complex forwarding infrastructure and reducing costs and management overhead.

  • Powerful Detection & Response (D&R) engine: Ingested WEL data is automatically indexed against common indicators of compromise (IoCs) and processed through LimaCharlie's advanced Detection and Response engine, enabling rapid detection of malicious activity.

  • Flexible and customizable rule creation: With WEL data structured as JSON, security teams can easily create custom D&R rules to detect and respond to specific Windows events as they occur, tailoring the monitoring process to their unique needs and environment.

  • Historical log analysis: Import historical event log data from disk, empowering teams to conduct in-depth investigations and gain valuable context around endpoint activity.

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