Use Case
Security Monitoring for DevOps
Ditch the data silos and sluggish response – LimaCharlie illuminates your DevOps pipeline, automates threat detection and response, and fosters real-time collaboration, empowering you to build secure and resilient software at record speed.

Problem statement

  • Blind Spots in the Pipeline: Siloed DevOps data from code repositories, third-party tools, and SaaS platforms leaves security teams in the dark, unable to detect threats hidden within routine operations.

  • Reactive Response, Slowed Agility:

    Manual security checks and sluggish incident response hinder DevOps agility, creating vulnerable gaps between development and deployment.

  • DevSecOps Disconnect:

    Disparate tools and fragmented communication between security and operations teams lead to inefficient incident response and missed opportunities for proactive mitigation.

How LimaCharlie helps

  • Unified Visibility Across the Flow: LimaCharlie's architecture effortlessly ingests telemetry from all your DevOps data sources, providing a unified view of your entire pipeline from code commits to production deployments.

  • Automated Threat Detection and Response:

    Leverage LimaCharlie's pre-built and custom detection rules to automatically identify suspicious activities within your DevOps data. Trigger instant alerts and pre-defined response actions, including stopping deployments, rolling back changes, or notifying teams.

  • Centralized Collaboration for Faster Response:

    Break down silos with LimaCharlie's collaborative platform. Security and operations teams can visualize incidents across the pipeline, analyze threats jointly, and orchestrate coordinated responses in real-time.

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