Use Case
Purple Teaming
Ditch the occasional purple teaming sprints and embrace a dynamic, continuous approach with LimaCharlie. Experience rapid deployment, centralized visibility, flexible outputs, and automated validation to keep your security posture agile and adaptable in the face of ever-changing threats.

Problem statement

  • Slow and cumbersome purple teaming exercises: Traditional purple teaming setups involve deploying complex infrastructure, manually configuring attack simulations, and waiting for results, hindering the frequency and efficiency of security validation.

  • Limited visibility and control: Siloed security tools often lack centralized visibility into both red and blue team activities, making it difficult to measure the effectiveness of implemented controls and identify gaps in defense strategy.

  • Inaccessible validation results: Sharing and analyzing purple teaming outputs across different platforms and teams can be tedious and time-consuming, hampering efficient collaboration and feedback loops.

  • Static Security Posture: Traditional setups rarely provide continuous validation, leaving organizations vulnerable to evolving threats and undetected weaknesses between infrequent purple teaming exercises.

How LimaCharlie helps

  • Rapid Deployment and Execution: Leverage LimaCharlie's multi-platform, full-parity Sensors and pre-built Atomic Red Team integrations to launch sophisticated attack simulations instantly across your entire infrastructure. No need for time-consuming manual setups or specialized red team expertise.

  • Unified Visibility and Control: Gain a single pane of glass view into both red and blue team activities within LimaCharlie. Monitor attack simulations, analyze responses from your security tools, and identify areas for improvement with ease.

  • Flexible Output Destinations: Seamlessly send purple teaming outputs to any destination you choose – SIEMs, security dashboards, incident response platforms, or even custom tools. Streamline collaboration, facilitate data analysis, and accelerate the validation process.

  • Continuous Feedback Loop: Integrate LimaCharlie into your security workflow for ongoing validation. Conduct automated purple teaming exercises at regular intervals, continuously testing your defenses against the latest threats and adapting your security posture based on feedback.

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