Use Case
ChromeOS Support
Gain visibility in your Chrome fleet and enhance ChromeOS security to unify endpoint protection across your organization with LimaCharlie's comprehensive, centralized, and adaptable platform.

Problem statement

  • Growing in popularity: Chrome books are the fastest growing segment of personal computers and are being adopted by organizations and schools en masse. Despite this, there is very little security coverage (other than that which is conferred by the platform) and without LimaCharlie, visibility requires an SSL proxy.

  • Visibility gap: Managing and monitoring ChromeOS devices within traditional security infrastructures is challenging due to compatibility limitations and lack of centralized visibility, especially in enterprise environments.

  • Chromebook threats rising: ChromeOS vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits are victim to targeted attacks, demanding a robust and adaptable security solution.

How LimaCharlie helps

  • Comprehensive Endpoint Protection: LimaCharlie's Chrome sensor delivers endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities directly on Chromebooks and for ChromeOS, providing deep visibility into network activity, installed packages, and downloaded files.

  • Centralized management and insights: Integrate ChromeOS devices seamlessly into your existing security ecosystem, gain centralized telemetry and threat detection across all endpoints, and simplify management through policies and rules.

  • Advanced Detection and Threat Hunting: Utilize LimaCharlie's advanced analytics and threat intelligence to proactively identify suspicious activities, hunt for hidden threats, and respond effectively to evolving cyber threats.

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