Use Case
Build CTI Capabilities
Ditch the data silos and blind spots. LimaCharlie empowers you with a centralized intelligence hub, seamless integrations, BinLib, your own private VirusTotal-like solution, and the unparalleled precision of YARA scanning. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape, proactively hunt for hidden attackers, and build a resilient security posture that leaves no stone unturned in the fight against malware.

Problem statement

  • Fragmented and siloed data: Security teams often struggle to gain a holistic understanding of threats due to siloed data from disparate security tools and sensors. This fragmented intelligence hinders effective threat detection, investigation, and response.

  • Manual correlation: Manually correlating data points from diverse sources is time-consuming and error-prone, making it difficult to identify emerging threats and uncover hidden connections.

  • Visibility gaps: Unknown malware and suspicious binaries often fly under the radar of traditional antivirus solutions, leaving organizations vulnerable to zero-day attacks and advanced threats.

How LimaCharlie helps

  • Data consolidation: Aggregate telemetry from all your security tools, endpoints, and network sources into a single platform. LimaCharlie's comprehensive data ingestion capabilities break down data silos and unify your threat intelligence landscape.

  • Seamless integrations: Leverage LimaCharlie's robust API integrations to seamlessly connect with external threat feeds, threat intelligence platforms, and security tools. Enrich your internal data with external insights for a broader view of the threat landscape.

  • Private binary library: Analyze unknown binaries and suspicious files with LimaCharlie's built-in Binary Library. This private VirusTotal-like environment leverages community and internal threat intelligence to rapidly identify malware, even zero-day variants, and assess associated risks.

  • Utilize YARA rules: Conduct enterprise-wide malware scanning with LimaCharlie's integrated YARA engine. Utilize your own or community-developed YARA rules to detect specific malware families, variants, and even customized threats tailored to your environment, leaving no malicious code undetected.

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