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Get to market quicker with LimaCharlie

Picture of Christoper Luft, LimaCharlie Co-Founder and Creative Technologist
Christopher Luft
Get to market quicker with LimaCharlie

LimaCharlie offers cybersecurity tools and supporting infrastructure billed based solely on usage in a scalable way. It is an approach that nobody else is taking. One that enables some pretty exciting possibilities for those looking to develop cybersecurity products or services.

Open and fine-grained controls allow developers to create products with healthy margins and save years of development time. There is no other way to get to market quicker. 

LimaCharlie is an infrastructure provider which means we will never have any vendor preferences. The product is yours to build with as you see fit. A stable foundation on which to build your business. 

Usage-based billing is calculated down to the event. With LimaCharlie you can deploy an agent that monitors for a single specific action on the endpoint for pennies per month. There are so many capabilities that could be rolled into niche products or services it boggles the mind.

Here are just a few examples to give you an idea of what is possible.

  1. A dormant agent could be turned on and used to wipe files on a stolen laptop.

  2. Agents can be deployed to do vulnerability assessments and then put into sleeper mode until a future engagement.

  3. DNS specific telemetry could be used to build out a machine learning model to detect malicious behaviour

  4. The agent could be used for system performance monitoring on an IoT deployment

  5. You could even build a product that allowed parents to limit their children’s Internet access between certain hours.

Ultimately, you get the full power and control over an extremely powerful agent / EDR. You’re in control over how to leverage it.

There are several dimensions across which usage-based pricing is calculated. Under the new model deploying an agent in ‘sleeper mode’ is essentially free - the only required cost is sensor connected time which works out to pennies per agent per month. A breakdown of the specific axis as to how usage of the endpoint agent is calculated is as follows.

  • Sensor connected time: the number of seconds a sensor is connected to the LimaCharlie cloud. As demonstrated below, we keep this cost as low as possible to make the service accessible.

  • Events processed: when an event is received from the sensor and processed by LimaCharlie. You are in complete control of this through the use of the Exfil Service, allowing you to specify the events you need. We also have smart mechanisms available that will help reduce usage events further.

  • Events retained: if using the LimaCharlie retention, visualization, and searching service (highly recommended), each event retained (for an entire year) is counted with this metric.

That’s it. With this model you can really optimize your usage towards the problem you are trying to solve and pay a small price that gets you to market today. It also ensures that you will never have to deal with maintenance of a cross platform agent that runs on everything.

As has always been the case, additional costs for Artifact Ingestion and other services can be found here.

If you have an idea and want to see if it is possible or need help calculating how much it would cost please reach out to us.