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The evolution of threat intelligence platforms with Greg Martin

Lacey Kasten
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Foundational Lessons from Anomali

In a 'Defender Fridays' live session, Greg Martin, CEO of Ghost Security, revisited the early days of Anomali (formerly ThreatStream), emphasizing its pivotal role in threat intelligence platform (TIP) evolution. He shared the importance of meticulously managing and validating Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to maintain their relevance and impact, advocating for a blend of automation and manual oversight to keep threat intelligence agile and effective.

Democratizing Deception Networks with Open Source

Highlighting frustrations with existing security solutions, Martin introduced the Modern Honey Network initiative. This project has transformed the landscape by making deception networks, once exclusive to large corporations, accessible to a broader audience. It exemplifies how open-source can level the playing field in cybersecurity, with Martin and Eric Capuano, highlighting GreyNoise's contributions to actionable intelligence derived from the GreyNoise honeypot network.

Elevating Cloud Security

The dialogue then shifted to internal threat intelligence's merits, leading to the inception of Ghost Security. This venture signifies a leap in cloud application and API security by proactively monitoring, patching, and ensuring continuous protection against threats, thereby highlighting a proactive stance on digital security.


This session, rich with Greg Martin's experiences and insights, underscores the dynamic nature of cybersecurity and the perpetual need for innovation and knowledge-sharing within the community. It serves as a guiding light for professionals navigating the complex terrain of digital threats, advocating for a proactive, informed, and collaborative approach to cybersecurity.

Join us in our next session to further explore enterprise security dynamics and harness the collective wisdom of the cybersecurity community, laying the groundwork for a safer digital world: Register for the series