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Announcing Cybersecurity Infrastructure Grants

Headshot of Ross Haleliuk, LimaCharlie Director of Product
Ross Haleliuk
Announcing Cybersecurity Infrastructure Grants

At LimaCharlie, we believe that for the cybersecurity industry to innovate, people need cost-effective access to security infrastructure. In the same way that the emergence of cloud computing has enabled small teams to access the computing power that was previously only available to large enterprises, access to scalable cybersecurity infrastructure will enable more security professionals to build the future they believe in. 

This conviction has made us adopt a product-led approach, enabling anyone to get started with LimaCharlie in minutes, without talking to the salesperson, having to meet a minimum spend, or signing multi-year contracts. For a startup founder or a small innovative DFIR/MSSP firm, our free tier and the ability to scale up/down on demand can be a game-changer. 

While this is great, we know we can do more. 

Today, we are excited to announce a Cybersecurity Infrastructure Grant program to support innovative security practitioners in building the future of the industry. Eligible companies and individuals can get a $1000 credit applicable towards using the LimaCharlie platform to develop any project they want.

We believe that making security infrastructure more accessible will lead to innovation in the industry and, ultimately, benefit all of us.

Target Audience 

While anyone can apply, we anticipate that our Cybersecurity Infrastructure Grant program will be most relevant for security professionals looking to launch their own product or service without having to build all core components of the infrastructure like sensor (agent) themselves. Whether you are a security engineer in an enterprise company working on a side project, a startup founder, or a student working on a school project, it can be a great fit for your specific use case. 

What you can do

LimaCharlie offers primitives of security capabilities delivered like AWS, GCP, or any other cloud provider. This means you have full freedom to leverage the components that make sense for your specific use case and to combine them in a way that addresses your problems. LimaCharlie enables powerful automation and integration with existing CI/CD pipelines, as well as other systems and feeds. Access a full-featured and well-documented REST API along with a Python CLI. Use the PULL mode data feed - an HTTPS-based data stream - to create real-time integrations. Check our technical documentation or create a free account to learn more. 

Here are just a few examples to give you an idea of what you could build:

  • A dormant agent could be turned on and used to wipe files on a stolen laptop.

  • Agents can be deployed to do vulnerability assessments and then put into sleeper mode until a future engagement.

  • DNS specific telemetry could be used to build out a machine learning model to detect malicious behavior

  • The agent could be used for system performance monitoring on an IoT deployment

  • You could even build a product that allowed parents to limit their children’s Internet access between certain hours.

The possibilities are near limitless, and our security engineers are there to help. 

Opportunities for Commercialization 

If you are looking to commercialize an idea we can help you get it into our marketplace. Some of the projects currently available on the LimaCharlie Marketplace are:

  • Managed Detection & Response (D&R) ruleset by Soteria available to LimaCharlie users using a revenue-sharing model. Using the add-ons marketplace, Soteria is able to offer their D&R rules to LimaCharlie users as a product while protecting their intellectual property.

  • Showing a lot of community spirit, SOCSoter makes a list of known malicious IP addresses and hashes available at no charge, while Nano Cyber Solutions shares several lookups with indicators of compromise.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the LimaCharlie Cybersecurity Infrastructure grant, you or your organization should be looking to build a product or a service that in some form leverages LimaCharlie security infrastructure (EDR sensor, log collection, telemetry storage, outputs, file and registry integrity monitoring, Yara scanning, detection & response, or any other functionality). 

Services such as incident response are not eligible for the LimaCharlie Cybersecurity Infrastructure grant. However, IR and other service firms are eligible to apply if they are looking to build a product or service on LimaCharlie. 

Application Process

To apply, send a brief email about what you are looking to build, and how you think you can leverage LimaCharlie to answers@limacharlie.io 

Who we are

LimaCharlie is a rapidly growing venture-backed information security startup delivering information security tools and infrastructure in a manner similar to how AWS delivers core components of IT. 

LimaCharlie enables organizations to detect & respond to threats, automate processes, reduce the number of vendors, and future-proof their security operations. We do it by giving security teams full control over how they manage their security infrastructure. Get started in seconds without having to talk to a salesperson, gain full visibility into your coverage, build what you want, control your data, get the security capabilities you need, for however long you need them, and pay only for what you use.


  • There is no cash alternative for the grant. 

  • The company and/or individual may be located anywhere in the world. 

  • LimaCharlie reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Grant at any time.