Technology Partners

As a SiaaS (security infrastructure as a service) provider, LimaCharlie is continuously looking to expand the list of technical integrations and partnerships.

LimaCharlie Technology partners leverage LimaCharlie’s rich ecosystem of security solutions to build best-in-class products and integrations.

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Integrate with anything

LimaCharlie enables powerful automation and integration with existing CI/CD pipelines, as well as other systems and feeds. Access a full-featured and well-documented REST API along with a Python CLI. Use the PULL mode data feed - an HTTPS-based data stream - to create real-time integrations.

We truly feel like LimaCharlie is an extension of our own team. The tech is great — but the relationship is easily the best part.
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Glenn Starkman

CEO, Soteria

Developer-centric approach

LimaCharlie has a strong developer-centric culture. Everything is built API-first, and delivered in a manner that allows anyone to get started with LimaCharlie in minutes, without talking to a salesperson, having to meet a minimum spend, or signing multi-year contracts. Public developer documentation allows you to get visibility into how LimaCharlie actually works so you can build the best integrations possible.

An engineering approach to cybersecurity

Commercialization opportunities

If you are looking to commercialize a product or an integration, we can help you get it into our marketplace. Some of the projects currently available on the LimaCharlie Marketplace are:

  • Managed Detection & Response (D&R) ruleset by Soteria available to LimaCharlie users using a revenue-sharing model. Using the add-ons marketplace, Soteria is able to offer their D&R rules to LimaCharlie users as a product while protecting their intellectual property.

  • Showing a lot of community spirit, SOCSoter makes a list of known malicious IP addresses and hashes available at no charge, while Nano Cyber Solutions shares several lookups with indicators of compromise.

Joint marketing

LimaCharlie is an infrastructure provider which means we will never have any vendor preferences. As a partner-oriented company, we are always open to doing joint marketing. From development of joint marketing assets, listing on LimaCharlie website to joint webinars and social media campaigns, we will work with your team to spotlight the integration.

Powerful integrations.