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LimaCharlie is a rapidly growing venture-backed information security startup delivering information security tools and infrastructure in a manner similar to how AWS delivers core components of IT.

Come join a team of amazing people. LimaCharlie is always looking for talented professionals who share our values and want to do amazing work.

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Trusted by technological leaders in information security.

Site Reliability Engineer (Remote, North America)

Who are we

LimaCharlie is a rapidly growing venture-backed information security startup delivering information security tools and infrastructure in a manner similar to how AWS delivers core components of IT. 

LimaCharlie enables organizations to detect & respond to threats, automate processes, reduce the number of vendors, and future-proof their security operations. We do it by giving security teams full control over how they manage their security infrastructure. Get started in seconds without having to talk to a salesperson, gain full visibility into your coverage, build what you want, control your data, get the security capabilities you need, for however long you need them, and pay only for what you use.

The role we are trying to fill

LimaCharlie is like a cloud provider built on top of Google Cloud Platform. Our products are not the Primitives of IT, they are the Primitives of Cyber Security.

Because security is a critical function of most organizations, it means we must ensure our services equally remain available and reliable.

As a SRE, you will be building the systems that ensure the operation of our products run smoothly. As we are heavy users of GCP, you will likely be leveraging various monitoring and scaling capabilities built into the platform.

You’ll be responsible for the monitoring, evaluation and enhancement of performance of all LimaCharlie products. Our systems see a lot of data flowing through them, so you will be participating in the constant scaling and architecture decisions shaping the future of the product.

We are a technical product and our customers are technical people. This means you will also likely be providing expert advice to some customers looking to use LimaCharlie products reliably.

Tech Stack at LimaCharlie 

  • Back-end microservices written in golang 

  • Cloud provider is Google Cloud Platform 

  • Front-end mono-repo written in TypeScript and React

What you will be doing

  • Developing monitoring systems to increase up-time and performance

  • Monitoring and responding to incidents

  • Liaising with both our cloud provide (GCP) and customers in the event services are impacted

  • Contributing to reliable and scalable product designs within LimaCharlie

  • Providing advice to development teams and customers around reliable operations

The ideal candidate

  • Has experience with

    • Google Cloud Platform (or other cloud providers)

    • Golang and React

    • Kubernetes / GKE or container technologies

  • Designed and implemented CI/CD pipelines

  • Is a problem solver able to focus on the problem at hand

  • Has worked with high volume ETL pipelines

  • Bonus: security operations experience

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation, benefits and meaningful ownership (equity) in the company 

  • Fully remote work environment with a few in-person events a year so that you can build genuine relationships with people you work with in this online world 

  • Professional development budget, weekly meal allowance, Internet allowance, co-working space allowance and home-office stipend to make sure you can use the tools you like 

  • An ability to grow professionally and shape what the future of cybersecurity will look like

Join us on the adventure and be part of the future of security infrastructure. Say hello and send a resume to

Want to know more? Try LimaCharlie in your home lab, check our public GitHub repo, browse our technical documentation, ask questions in the Community Slack, or read more on our website