Build the future of cybersecurity with LimaCharlie

Whether you are looking to start your own MSSP or an incident response firm, build a security product, or integrate security into your startup's CI/CD pipeline, LimaCharlie can make it easier, faster, and cheaper to achieve your goals.

If I was to build a new cyber security company, I’d build it on top of this.
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Philip Martin

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Give your security startup an advantage

More and more startups are utilizing LimaCharlie to experiment, start, build, and scale their ideas. Get started with as little as one sensor and scale your capacity as your business grows.

Optimize for success

Shorten the Time to Market

Shorten your time to market and test your idea without having to invest in building your own infrastructure. Focus on what you can do best and leverage a powerful ecosystem of infrastructure components as a stable foundation on which to build your business. From a cross-platform sensor to the detection, automation & response engine and public API, LimaCharlie is here to help.

Full-featured free tier

Get started for free

Test your business idea quickly and get started for free without having to accurately predict your needs five years ahead, sign contracts or negotiate prices. Start with as low as one endpoint and scale your capacity as you grow.

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Predictable billing

Open and fine-grained controls allow developers to create products with healthy margins and save years of development time. Clear and concise billing with no minimums or contractual obligations makes it ideal for those starting out.

Join a group of founders for this webinar where we talk about all things they have learned along the way.

Learn how cloud SIEM provider, Blumira, leveraged LimaCharlie to develop a new cybersecurity product for SMBs.

LimaCharlie enables some pretty exciting possibilities for those looking to develop cybersecurity products or services.

Cybersecurity grant to help those getting started

LimaCharlie is proud to offer a Cybersecurity Infrastructure Grant program to support innovative security practitioners in building the future of the industry. Eligible companies and individuals can get a $1000 credit applicable towards using the LimaCharlie platform to develop any project they want.


Low barrier to entry

Get started for free without having to accurately predict your future needs, sign contracts, or negotiate prices.