MSSP Partners

LimaCharlie enables MSSPs to deliver security services at scale, control their costs, consolidate security tooling, and grow their brand, among others.

For those interested in taking their business to the next level, LimaCharlie offers an MSSP Partner program.

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Trusted partners committed to your success

As an MSSP Partner, you get a team of advisors committed to your success. From access to our security engineers who can look into your use cases and recommend ways to optimize cost to calls with our product team that offer visibility into the product roadmap, we are here to support you every step of the way. You are dealing with developers and security infrastructure professionals who work with your team to make things work for you.

We truly feel like LimaCharlie is an extension of our own team. The tech is great — but the relationship is easily the best part.
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Glenn Starkman

CEO, Soteria
Monthly developer roll up from the team at LimaCharlie.

Opportunity for customer referrals

LimaCharlie is an infrastructure provider which means we will never have any vendor preferences. LimaCharlie does not offer security services and does not sell direct to the end customer, so our interests and priorities are 100% aligned with yours. Whenever we are approached by someone who is looking for an MDR service or who would benefit from MSSP support, we will always provide them with a list of MSSP partners they can approach.

Joint marketing

As a partner-oriented company, we are always open to doing joint marketing. We want you to succeed as when your business grows, our business will grow as well. From development of joint marketing assets, listing on the LimaCharlie website, to joint webinars, events, and social media campaigns, we will work with your team to spotlight the partnership.

An engineering approach to cybersecurity

Scale pricing

As a LimaCharlie partner, you maintain the relationship with your end customer. This gives you the freedom to bill them at rates and time periods that you define. You get billed at a preferred rate, with discounts based on the total number of endpoints across your entire customer base.

Manage security services at scale

Contact us to learn more about becoming an MSSP Partner, or learn what problems LimaCharlie solves for managed service providers.