Manage security services at scale

Gain full control over how you run your business and grow. LimaCharlie enables you to keep your customers secure and to do it efficiently, in a way designed to scale.

LimaCharlie enables security engineers to gain control over their posture: full visibility, the ability to build workflows, and integrate with CI/CD pipelines. The stuff companies had to build in-house from scratch are provided on-demand, like lego blocks.
Picture of Jonathan Haas

Jonathan Haas

Lead SecOps, Carta

Control your costs

Get started for free without having to talk to a anyone, meet a mandatory minimum number of endpoints or do the capacity planning. Scale up/scale down your deployment as needed by simply adjusting the quota in the web app whenever you want. Choose a fully transparent “all you can eat” pricing or pay only for what you use.

Tools built to scale

Experience true multi-tenancy

LimaCharlie's multi-tenant architecture combined with advanced role-based access control makes it a powerful offering for managed service providers. Spin up new pre-configured tenants in seconds or make changes to hundreds of organizations at once using our infrastructure as code functionality with no need to manually go to the UI for each change. Control access to each organization with fine-grained control.

Gain a competitive advantage

Grow your brand

Use LimaCharlie as an OEM provider by utilizing our custom branded offering. Use your own custom sub-domain and have your logo be shown in place of the LimaCharlie logo in both the web app and during the agent installation. Get full control over the pricing you are charging and convey the value you are providing to your customers by listing LimaCharlie as underlying infrastructure.

LimaCharlie architecture graphic

A single pane of glass

Consolidate your tools

LimaCharlie seamlessly integrates with your security operations and allows you to consolidate your tools and replace expensive vendors. Our technology can be used as a drop-in endpoint capability into existing technologies or as a full incident response pipeline and hunting platform complete with one year of full log and telemetry storage. Get forwarding logs, EDR, incident response, and many more capabilities in one place. Build custom solutions into existing pipelines.

No minimums and no contracts

Billing on your terms

Manage billing on your terms. LimaCharlie has a sophisticated billing model allowing you to choose whether you receive a single invoice for all of your customer organizations, get all charged to the same credit card, or whether you want them broken up. In either case, you’ll always be able to see usage on a per-organization basis.

A powerful sensor with one year of searchable telemetry.

Save time (and money)

With the volume of alerts security service providers get daily, if your team can spend 15 seconds less on investigating each alert, you could save an equivalent of one full-time employee a day or more. Achieve operational efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and leveraging powerful automations. Reduce distractions with LimaCharlie's false positive rules functionality to only get notified about what matters.

Become an MSSP Partner

For those interested in taking their business to the next level, LimaCharlie offers an MSSP Partner program. Take advantage of joint marketing opportunities, customer referrals, and get a team of advisors committed to your success.

We truly feel like LimaCharlie is an extension of our own team. The tech is great — but the relationship is easily the best part.
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Glenn Starkman

CEO, Soteria

Grow your business reliably

Read the MSSP case study

Soteria is a cybersecurity firm that provides MDR, IR, security assessments, and security advisory and consulting services. The company works with a broad range of clients: pre-Series A startups looking to build robust cybersecurity programs, state and local governments, and publicly-traded multinational companies.

Today, MDR is a key part of Soteria’s business. But that wasn’t always the case. In 2019, the company was getting ready to launch a new MDR offering, and was searching for an EDR solution that would meet its needs.

Learn how an incident response team was able to investigate and contain a supply chain attack without having to take the company’s critical systems offline.

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