Cybersecurity for enterprise teams

Optimize workflow and replace expensive vendors. Automate processes and accommodate advanced use cases unique to your organization.

Integrate with anything

LimaCharlie enables powerful automation and integration with existing CI/CD pipelines, as well as other systems and feeds. Access a full-featured and well-documented REST API along with a Python CLI. Use the PULL mode data feed - an HTTPS-based data stream - to create real-time integrations.

We truly feel like LimaCharlie is an extension of our own team. The tech is great — but the relationship is easily the best part.
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Glenn Starkman

CEO, Soteria

No Magic Black Boxes

Control your security posture

Detect and prevent any behavior in your environment unilaterally and without vendor intervention by leveraging LimaCharlie's advanced detection, automation and response engine. From choosing what should trigger a detection to deciding how to respond to a threat, your security team knows what is right for your organization better than any vendor.

API-First Approach

Solve your problems

Get full control over your security infrastructure, solve your problems instead of buying generic products, choose what tools to use, and know exactly what you are covered against. LimaCharlie was built by developers with developers in mind - everything is designed API-first and we make everything available to you.

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A SOC 2 Type 2 report is an internal controls report capturing how a company safeguards customer data and how well those controls are operating.

An infrastructure provider you can trust

Each LimaCharlie data center uses independent cryptographic keys at all layers. Key management uses industry best practices such as key encryption at rest.

LimaCharlie is SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI-DSS compliant. Our infrastructure is housed in ISO 27001 compliant data centres.

LimaCharlie data is secured starting at the endpoint all the way to your infrastructure.

We are here to help

Get support on your terms

Get white-glove support and engineering advice when you need it. LimaCharlie offers in-depth, well-structured documentation, an e-learning platform, and a vibrant Slack community. For users with specialized needs and unique use cases, we make customized training and support available at no extra cost.

Global infrastructure

Scale without limits

LimaCharlie offers well-thought-out tools and infrastructure that scales. Our platform is built on GCP and leverages many of its capabilities to great effect. Kubernetes and a micro-services architecture ensure unlimited horizontal scaling.

All security data collection and processing with a single vendor .
LimaCharlie is simply the most flexible, powerful, and cost effective cybersecurity solution on the planet. A triple-whammy of security goodness.
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Chad Morris

CISSP, RedLegg

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