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LimaCharlie is a rapidly growing venture-backed information security startup delivering information security tools and infrastructure in a manner similar to how AWS delivers core components of IT.

Come join a team of amazing people. LimaCharlie is always looking for talented professionals who share our values and want to do amazing work.

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Trusted by technological leaders in information security.

Developer Relations / Solutions Engineer (Remote, North America)

Who are we

LimaCharlie is a rapidly growing venture-backed information security startup delivering information security tools and infrastructure in a manner similar to how AWS delivers core components of IT. 

LimaCharlie enables organizations to detect & respond to threats, automate processes, reduce the number of vendors, and future-proof their security operations. We do it by giving security teams full control over how they manage their security infrastructure. Get started in seconds without having to talk to a salesperson, gain full visibility into your coverage, build what you want, control your data, get the security capabilities you need, for however long you need them, and pay only for what you use.

The role we are trying to fill

LimaCharlie is like a box full of Lego blocks for cybersecurity. We’re looking for people who have the imagination to bring those blocks to life in ways we never thought about. This means you would become a master builder of LimaCharlie, from endpoint technology (EDR) to SASE and forensics tools.

In this role, you will be empowered to interact directly with the LimaCharlie community as a company representative. Being able to discuss and understand the challenges of security professionals, think of new solutions to help, prototype, and write about them is a core loop of this position.

Some days you might be building a new amazing proof of concept for integration between LimaCharlie and an open-source tool, some days you might be the LimaCharlie expert helping a user bring to life their conceptions.

One of the first things you’ll be doing after joining the team is surveying the landscape of open-source security products. You’ll look for integration opportunities, size the effort, and put forward a proposal for the one you think offers the highest return on investment. You’ll then execute your plan.

The team at LimaCharlie is still small. Your talent and ideas will have an important role in the success of the company. Because of all of this we are looking for somebody who can get going with minimal supervision and can deliver on what they say.

What you will be doing

  • Build solutions using the LimaCharlie platform

  • Show off the solutions you’ve built both internally and externally

  • Be a product champion

  • Advocate for customer needs

  • Interact with security professionals in different communities, learn about their needs and share your ideas

  • Participate in sales conversations

  • Assist with customer onboarding

The ideal candidate

  • Has worked in security engineering, security architecture, detections engineering, site reliability engineering, threat intelligence, or a similar capacity long enough to understand security problems, recognize both good and bad solutions, and develop a solid grasp of both technology and security fundamentals

  • Enjoys interacting with other security people, asking and answering technical questions (maybe you have your go-to security Discord, Slack or similar communities)

  • Likes tinkering with different security products, building/stitching technical solutions from open-source tools and similar

  • Has keen interest to learn and experiment

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation, benefits and meaningful ownership (equity) in the company

  • Fully remote work environment with a few in-person events a year so that you can build genuine relationships with people you work with in this online world

  • Professional development budget, weekly meal allowance, Internet allowance, co-working space allowance and home-office stipend to make sure you can use the tools you like

  • An ability to grow professionally and shape what the future of cybersecurity will look like

Join us on the adventure and be part of the future of security infrastructure. Say hello and send a resume to

Want to know more? Try LimaCharlie in your home lab, check our public GitHub repo, browse our technical documentation, ask questions in the Community Slack, or read more on our website